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Buying/Selling Real Estate in a HOT seller's market! TIPS & TRICKS to a winning bid and getting top dollar for your sale!

Right now the market is HOT and we know that people have to move fast to achieve the desired results through selling their home or buying a new home.  We have put a panel of experts together to help guide you through the process and help make this easier for you and your family.

In this webinar for those who are looking to buy or sell, you will learn:

-How to get prepared for bidding wars and how to win them
-What you need to do to be prepared for purchasing your next home
-How can you get the best interest rates
-Tips for cleaning up your credit
-How to make the process SMOOTH and EASY!

Join us as this will be an open discussion, so get your questions ready!
We are here to help YOU achieve the home of your dreams.

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Bill Greenwald: Greenwald Real Estate Group

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Credit Repair

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Louis Baca: Geneva Financial

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New Home Construction

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Teresa Kitchens: Sterling Insurance Group

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Jeff Duffee: Fidelity Title

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