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What Is A Bond?  A Bond is typically a way to secure a debt.  It is a guarantee for one party to make sure that if someone does not pay a debt, that the other party is still paid.

License And Permit Bond

These bonds are a guarantee that a government entity requires to make sure that the other party adheres to a statute, law or ordinance.


Surety Bond

The Surety Bond is a bond between three parties.  

These three parties are the recipient of the obligation, the primary party who will perform the contractural obligation, and the person who will assure that the obligation will be done. 

Contract Bond

Contractor Bonds are the most common bonds.  

The bond guarantees to the client that a contractor will adhere to the contract in place.  These are typically required in the construction industry.

Bid Bond

The Bid Bond is a type of construction bond. 

This provides protection for the owner or developer in a construction bidding process. It is a guarantee that you, as the bidder, pare protected. 

Lost Title Bond

The Lost Title Bond will typically be required by the Department of Motor Vehicles when a title to a motor vehicle has been lost or misplaced.  

The Lost Title Bond is a guarantee of ownership of a vehicle. 

Probate Bond

The Probate Bond will typically be required by the court when probate, plaintiff, defendant or fidelity bond requirements require a guarantee that no money will be lost.  

A Probate Bond insures that the wishes of the deceased are carried out ethically.

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